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Myth Monday: Aries

Looking back on Aries season, the story of Aries:

King Athamas and his wife Nephele lived with their two children Prixus and Helle. Nephele built up a longing to return to her time as a sky nymph, and eventually left for the skies. King Athamas quickly remarried a young maiden, claiming to be Ino, Princess of Thebes, who was seeking refuge in his kingdom.

King Athamas and Ino had three children together. Ino built up a jealousy towards Prixus and Helle. Ino plotted to bring Prixus, Athamas' heir, to his demise. Ino's elaborate plot ended in famine for the kingdom, and caused Prixus to seek mercy from the gods by way of self-sacrifice.

Moments before Prixus' death, Nephele appeared in a cloud in the sky with a golden ram (Aries) by her side. She called to her children and told them to ride the ram to Colchis for safety, and sacrifice the ram to Zeus upon arrival. The ram became Zeus' golden fleece. Thus, Aries is a wild and brave hero who sits on the lap of the king of the gods.

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