Our Team

Lexie Henning 

Founder / CEO & Podcast Host

I earned my BA in Classics from the University of Missouri (Mizzou) in 2018. After deciding against pursuing a graduate degree in Classics, I began my professional career in politics. Prior to creating the podcast, I worked on political campaigns, interned in Washington D.C., and worked in state government. My scholarly interests primarily lie in exploring Classical reception through the lens of contemporary storytelling in media, advocating for easy and open access to the ancient world, and making the ancient studies more applicable in the modern world. Starting Fall 2021, I will be pursuing an MA in Southeast European Studies at the University of Athens focusing on the 2015 migration crisis and the resulting resurgence of Greek nationalism. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, reading, watching tv, learning foreign languages, and spoiling my cat, Bella. 

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Daniel Maday

Executive Producer and Chief Operations Officer (COO)

A Chicago based IO Psychology Practitioner, Daniel has a passion for podcasts, education, and organizational design. In his capacity as COO, Daniel is the strategic lead and business manager for The Ozymandias Project LLC. As the producer, Daniel coordinates all the 'behind the scenes' elements for the podcast and archaeogaming, along with external partnerships. His puns know no bounds, is occasionally mistaken for a cryptid, and writes weekly haiku.

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Hadley Leasman

Art Director and Social Media Director

Hadley is an artist currently based in Kansas City. Her work includes illustration, animation, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture. She loves experimenting with new techniques and trying new things. When not making art, she is reading, cooking, watching tv, spending time outdoors, or planning her next adventure.

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Chelsea Bilek

Content Strategist

Chelsea is a non-profit fundraiser by day and a tiktok and social media fiend by night! She is always looking to learn about something new and deep dive into intense internet holes. She supports the podcast in their initiatives by providing feedback, building brand-expanding ideas, and completing special projects. She is currently enjoying a deep dive into the ancient world of the Etruscans. 

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Abigail Turner

Voice Artist

LA-based voice actor Abigail Turner provides the voice for the podcast intros and outros.  You can also hear her character work in video games, animation, and audio dramas, and other work in commercial and narration.  For reels and credits, check out her website.  With an international upbringing and education, she has a special place in her heart for ancient cultures and literature, and is thrilled to be a part of TOP!

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