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Partnerships & Collaborations

Dr. Christian Casey

Christian Casey recently earned his PhD in Egyptology and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow of Digital Humanities at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World – NYU. His research focuses on the use of digital tools to expand our understanding of the pronunciation of the Egyptian language and he has worked on several public-outreach initiatives designed to make the study of Ancient Egyptian accessible to broader and more-diverse audiences. You can find out more about and support Christian by visiting his website, YouTube & Twitch channels, or Patreon


Lexie interviewed Christian for an episode of Ancient Office Hours podcast in Fall 2020 and through their conversation, they discovered a shared passion for Archaeogaming and public outreach projects. We will be collaborating on creating future Archaeogaming videos, joint ancient world programming, and other various projects. Stay tuned for more! 

Digital Hammurabi 

Digital Hammurabi is a public outreach/digital humanities project created by Assyriologist Megan Lewis with the goal of providing reliable and accurate information about the Ancient Near East. The Digital Hammurabi team is run by a small team and Megan’s husband, Dr. Joshua Bowen. You can find out more about and support Digital Hammurabi by visiting their website and YouTube channel. 


We participated in Digital Hammurabi’s inaugural YouTube Ancient History Day initiative in July 2021. This initiative brought scholars and creators together with the goal of producing a 24 hour period of continual YouTube content related to the ancient world.


As of 2022 we have been working with Digital Hammurabi to create Hitpoints & History, a digital archaeogaming conference. Our inaugural conference was held in March 2023. Hitpoits & History 2024 will be held March 9-10. Find out more info here!

Stay tuned for more!

Brick Classicist Empire (BCE)

Started in 2016 by historical archivist Liam D. Jensen, Brick Classicist Empire (formerly The Lego Classicists Family) is a project that combines pop-art and history to engage with the art and culture of the ancient world and the people who study it. Using LEGO minifigures, individual portraits of scholars and other classicists are created as gifts for the people they depict and honour, and the images are shared with stories about them and their work. The aim is to connect everyone with a love of ancient history together and share that joy through celebration and serious play. You can find out more about and support Brick Classicist Empire by visiting their website or Facebook page. 


In summer 2021, Lexie was inducted into Brick Classicist Empire in recognition of her work in co-founding The Ozymandias Project and for helming Ancient Office Hours podcast. Our shared mission for celebrating and highlighting the Ancient World through serious play has led us to begin collaborating on a couple future projects. Stay tuned for more!

The Save Ancient Studies Alliance (SASA)

The Save Ancient Studies Alliance (SASA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 dedicated to reversing the downward trend in university support of Ancient Studies, by raising a groundswell of interest in all areas of Ancient Studies. You can find out more about and support SASA by visiting their website, attending live events, or donating.

With SASA, we have previously collaborated on building complementary Archaeogaming programs. We've run an Archaeogaming event together, created a couple educational modules for classroom use, and worked to set up Archaeogaming pilot programs in schools in Chicago and New Jersey to test our similar but divergent program models. Our coinciding goals may lead to potential collaborations in the future and will keep our eye out for those opportunities.

Partnership Opportunities

Want to work with us? Contact Daniel Maday at to propose your ideas. 

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