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Joe Goodkin

Episode 54: Joe Goodkin

Joe Goodkin is a Chicago-based singer/songwriter with a Bachelor's Degree in Classics from UW-Madison. For decades he has toured the country performing his original one-person song interpretations of Homer's Odyssey and Iliad (The Blues of Achilles), almost 400 performances between the two pieces in 45 US States and Europe at such institutions as Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, UC-Berkeley, and the American School for Classical Studies in Athens. He has written about being a modern bard for Eidolon (which can be found here) and Antigone and presented a paper as part of a 2022 ACLA panel on the indexicality of classical myth. His work has been honored by ASCAP and supported by NJCL, SCS, CAMWS, and as part of a NEH institute on teaching trauma through ancient texts. More info about Joe and his work can be found at

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