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Connecting Modern Societies to Ancient Worlds

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Ancient Office Hours Podcast - Latest Episodes
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May 24, 2023
Dr. Gareth Williams

Dr. Gareth Williams, a professor of Classics at Columbia University, joins Lexie to discuss his fascination with poetry and theme of social reflection in Ovid, whether the Aeneid is original or simply a copy of Homer’s works, the process of writing his new book, and making ancient material understandable to modern audiences.

May 10, 2023
Dr. Jonathan Hall

Dr. Jonathan Hall, a professor of Classics at the University of Chicago, joins Lexie to discuss how PhD programs in the US/UK have changed, why people have historically thought race & ethnicity are the same thing, whether the Dorian invasion was a real historical event, and navigating different research methodologies.

April 26, 2023
Dr. Christopher Celenza

Dr. Christopher Celenza, Dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and professor of Classics and History at Johns Hopkins University, joins Lexie to discuss how he got to study and conduct research in the Vatican library, how to successfully cross and mix disciplinary boundaries, the process of surviving 2 PhD programs at the same time, and break down what Renaissance studies are beyond the Medicis.

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