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Connecting Modern Societies to Ancient Worlds

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Ancient Office Hours Podcast - Latest Episodes
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February 7, 2024
Dr. John Hyland

Dr. John Hyland, a professor of ancient history at Christopher Newport University, joins Lexie to discuss getting into Classics via Herodotus and moving into military history of the Persian Empire, taking a deep dive into Sparta’s relationship with Persia, and how Persian culture gets lost in translation in media adaptations of Persia focused material.

Dr. Alan Lenzi

Dr. Alan Lenzi, a professor of history at University of the Pacific, joins Lexie to discuss getting into the ancient world via Biblical Studies and music, whether Gilgamesh translations have been done to death in Assyriology, and how the portrayal of ancient Mesopotamia in popular media has changed.

January 10, 2024
Dr. Roselyn A. Campbell

Dr. Roselyn A. Campbell, a bioarchaeologist, Egyptologist, visiting assistant professor at UC Riverside, and assistant director of the UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy, joins Lexie to chat about her path to becoming a bioarchaeologist and Egyptologist, dispelling misconceptions around human sacrifice, power, and violence, and whether bones and science in true crime media bother bioarchaeologists.

The Reading Party Podcast - Latest Episodes
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Archaeogaming - Most Recent Video
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