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Connecting Modern Societies to Ancient Worlds

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Ancient Office Hours Podcast - Latest Episodes
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January 18, 2023
Dr. Nandini Pandey

Dr. Nandini Pandey, a professor of Classics at Johns Hopkins University, joins Lexie to discuss how Classics provided a point of connection to her community, how Latin poetry impacted and shaped her as a scholar, and her thoughts on how we continue to grow and improve reception studies and open Classics up to a wider audience.

January 4, 2023
Dr. Benjamin Anderson

Dr. Benjamin Anderson, a professor of Classics and History of Art at Cornell University, joins Lexie to chat about his decision process for picking an era & culture to specialize in, his thoughts on whether the study of archaeology is more the study of history or material culture, and whether all Byzantinists are obsessed with Hagia Sophia.

December 21, 2022
Dr. Theodore “Ted” Tarkow

Dr. Theodore “Ted” Tarkow, a professor emeritus of Classics at the University of Missouri, joins Lexie to discuss how advising conversations differ when serving as a Dean rather than regular faculty, his philosophy behind the college “sophomore slump”, and his thoughts on the greatest future struggles for Classics & humanities.

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