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Today we are announcing something new!

Today we are announcing something new! The Ozymandias Project LLC team is excited to participate in some upcoming collaborations with other podcasts and brilliant creators that will be rolled out over the next few months. Ancient Office Hours will continue as usual, but with some bonus content here and there on our off weeks!

This week's feed drop is Episode 4 of the History's Trainwrecks Podcast and part 1 of their "Stubborn Nags of Ancient Rome" series. On November 3 we will feature part II, though for anyone eager to listen to it, you can find it on their official podcast feed.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts!

About History's Trainwrecks: A temper tantrum that changed history. The World War II general who lost his pants on a secret mission in enemy territory. The ancient Roman who lectured a mob of rioting women about their wardrobe choices and somehow lived to tell about it. The American President who promised not to run again and regretted it for the rest of his life. This is the stuff they never taught us in history class. Check out the History’s Trainwrecks website, Facebook Page, and subscribe to their podcast on Itunes, Spotify, or your favorite podcatcher for more stories like these!

If you are interested in a feed swap, please let us know via our socials or email us at

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