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The Ozymandias and Archaeogaming!

One of the projects The Ozymandias Project is working on, besides Ancient Office Hours, is Archaeogaming!

Archaeogaming: What is it?

Archaeogaming is a term coined by Dr. Andrew Reinhard, short for video game archeology. Archaeogaming explores all games, both digital and non-digital. In classics, we use it to explore Ancient Worlds, but it can be used to understand any time period.

Archaeogaming combines the methods of archaeological discovery and video games so that one can immerse themselves and learn about the past. It's exploring the past through gaming but also exploring a video game as a historical artifact itself.

The Ozymandias Project’s Archaeogaming videos so far have used Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Game companies like Ubisoft have digitally recreated ancient worlds with such astonishing likeness that when exploring the game it feels real. While these games are never 100% accurate representations of the Ancient World, these games give people a chance to see and experience a virtual recreation of the Ancient World.

How does The Ozymandias Project use Archaeogaming?

The Ozymandias Project is currently using Archaeogaming to provide short, fun, and educational videos for teachers’ use as a visual aid and accompanying lesson plans to take their students to see the pyramids in Ancient Egypt, temples in Ancient Greece, or sail around Dark Age England.

You can learn more about The Ozymandias Project’s Archaeogaming projects on our website under the Archaeogaming tab!

Here is a link to our YouTube channel that houses our current Archaeogaming videos.

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