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Myth Monday: Pisces

As we look back on Pisces season, here are two stories of the constellation:

Babylon: Ancient Babylonians referred to the constellation Pisces as The Tails. The Tails are two fish swimming in opposite directions, joined together by a cord. The cord is thought to represent a bond between equinoxes-- which is fitting for where pisces lies on our astrological calendars. However, depending on the year, Babylonians also saw the cord connecting the fish as representative of the connection of the Tigress and Euphrates rivers.

Greece and Rome: In the battle between the Titans and the Gods of Olympus, Gaia released Typhon, one of the scariest monsters ever created. While fleeing Typhon's wrath, Aphrodite and her son Eros called on sea nymphs for help. The sea nymphs helped the pair escape by turning them into fish, who were bound together by a cord so as not to lose each other. In the Roman version, Venus and Cupid turned themselves into fish to escape Typhon.

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