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Myth Monday: Cassiopeia!

Happy Myth Monday! Today, learn the story of Cassiopeia!

There once was a queen, Cassiopeia, who boasted she was more beautiful than the sea nymphs, the Nereids. Her boast angered Poseidon. Poseidon sent a sea monster, Cetus, to destroy Cassiopeia’s kingdom. To try and deter the monster, Princess Andromeda, Cassiopeia’s daughter was tied to a rock by the sea and left there as a sacrifice to Cetus. Just as Cetus was about to take Princess Andromeda, Perseus flew by on Pegasus, saw Cetus was about to devour Princess Andromeda, and saved her. Perseus and Princess Andromeda then happily married.

Poseidon was angry that Cassiopeia was not punished for her boasting. He tied her to a chair and put her in the heavens. Now, as punishment, she is upside down for part of the year as she revolves around the heavens tied to her chair.

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