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Lares, Scares, & Tartaros Oh My! with Dr. Radcliffe Edmonds!

Happy Halloween! Today, tune in to our spooktacular Halloween bonus episode Lares, Scares, & Tartaros Oh My! with Dr. Radcliffe Edmonds!

Lexie and Dr. Radcliffe Edmonds, a professor of Classics at Bryn Mawr College, are going to talk about the representation of the Underworld in Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus book series and why death & the afterlife are considered taboo in modern society. It’s going to be spooky and fun! You won’t want to miss it.

This bonus content was cut from an earlier episode with Dr. Radcliffe Edmonds. If you would like a refresher on that conversation, we recommend listening or re-listening to episode 8. He has published on Greek imaginings of death and afterlife, and on the discourse of magic in the ancient world, which we knew would be perfect for a Halloween release!

Listen wherever you get your podcasts!

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