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Episode 24: Dr. Alan Macniven

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Our new episode is out now! Today, Lexie talks with Dr. Alan Macniven, Senior Lecturer and Head of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Edinburgh! If you’ve ever thought ‘Should people specialize in Viking Studies?’, asked ‘Should learning Old Norse be a requirement to study Vikings?’, wondered 'What are the importance of place names in Scotland & Ireland?', and questioned 'Why do Vikings have a bad reputation as raiding barbarians when everyone else did it too?', this is the episode for you!

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Alan Macniven is Senior Lecturer and Head of Scandinavian Studies at The University of Edinburgh - located at the heart of Scotland's capital city. He teaches on a range of courses covering the language, literature and culture of modern and medieval Scandinavia, with a particular emphasis on Sweden. His current research is focussed on the mariculture of Scotia Scandinavica, and other aspects of the Vikings in Scotland. In his spare time, Alan likes to fix things. Find out more about Alan at!

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