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Announcing Hitpoints & History: An Archaeogaming Conference!

✨BIG NEWS✨ The Ozymandias Project and Digital Hammurabi are co-hosting a virtual archaeogaming conference!

Play your way through the ancient world at Hitpoints & History, an interactive, virtual archaeogaming conference connecting academics, professionals, and gamers - regardless of character level! Join us as we explore the open world of archaeogaming through livestreams, workshops, and collaborative gaming events.

Would you like to present at Hitpoints and History? We are looking for anything pertaing to Archaeogaming! Would you like to give a talk, host a play through, give a demonstration, plan a tabletop session, hold a workshop, or anything else? This is the place for you! If you are interested in hosting a session fill out this form:

Would you like to attend Hitpoints and History? Buy a ticket here:

Learn more at!

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