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Nikolas Kolm

Episode 38: Nikolas Kolm

Nikolas Kolm entered the world of Game Development late, after taking time to figure out that neither the Army, nor Universities were working out well. After getting a Diploma in Game Art & Design, he started working in Germany for a small company called Spellbound (which promptly went under). Through some bold application steps, he managed to land a job at CD Projekt RED a short while later, where he worked as a Quest Designer on The Witcher 3. It was the skills and experience he gained there that he brought to Ubisoft and influenced a lot of his work on Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. He’s since moved on to Cloud Chamber, where he is now working on the next BioShock as a Lead World Designer. He’s fairly inactive on social media these days, but he can be reached on Twitter at @NKuillAndInk !

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