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Liam D. Jensen

Bonus Episode: “To Do History Is To Play… With LEGO Bricks!” with Liam D. Jensen

Liam D. Jensen is an historical archivist who specializes in historical paper collections. He has a particular interest in film and the portrayal of historical themes in popular culture. Jensen is also a 4th generation artist, whose primary media are filmmaking and graphic art. As LDJ Independent Historical Archivist he has archived and prepared collections of original historical engravings, photographs and sketches now in the collections of institutions including the University of Oxford, the University of Sydney, the British School at Athens and the Uffizi Gallery, Florence. He currently archives the Lynette Jensen Collection and prepares it for donation. Jensen is also the creator of the Lego Classicists Family, the pop-art initiative started in 2016, that brings ancient world scholars, students and enthusiasts together with the general public through the power of LEGO and social media and the internet.

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