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Dr. Jonathan Hall

Episode 65: Dr. Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall's earlier research was focused on the cultural and social history of ancient Greece, with a particular emphasis on the construction, meaning, and functions of ethnic identity among Greek communities. His first book, Ethnic Identity in Greek Antiquity (Cambridge, 1997) received the 1999 Charles J. Goodwin Award for Merit from the American Philological Association, while Hellenicity: Between Ethnicity and Culture (Chicago, 2002) was the recipient of the 2004 Gordon J. Laing Award from the University of Chicago Press. He has also tackled questions of historical method which are explored in A History of the Archaic Greek World, ca. 1200–479 BCE, 2nd edn. (Chichester, 2014), which has been translated into Polish and Greek, and in Artifact and Artifice: Classical Archaeology and the Ancient Historian (Chicago, 2014). His most recent book is Reclaiming the Past: Argos and its Archaeological Heritage in the Modern Era (Ithaca, 2021). He is also the author of a series of articles and chapters concerning the early polis, Greek colonization, and cultural identities.

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