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Dr. John Papadopoulos

Episode 75: Dr. John Papadopoulos

John K. Papadopoulos is Distinguished Professor of Archaeology and Classics at the University of California, Los Angeles, having served as Chair of the Department of Classics (2005-2008) and Chair of the Interdepartmental Archaeology PhD Program (2009-2019). His research and teaching interests include the Aegean, as well as the eastern and central Mediterranean from the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages into the Classical and later periods, the archaeology of colonization, the archaeology of death, the topography and architecture of Athens, and the integration of literary evidence with the material and visual record in the study of the past. He has excavated or conducted fieldwork widely in Greece, Albania, Italy, and Australia, and has directed or co-directed fieldwork projects at Torone and Methone in northern Greece, Lofkënd in Albania, and the repatriation project for Francavilla Marittima in South Italy. He is the author or editor of thirteen books (most recently, Agora XXXVI: The Early Iron Age [2017] and Ancient Methone: 2003-2013 [2023]), well over 100 articles and some fifty book reviews. Since July 1, 2022 he is the Director of the excavations in the Athenian Agora.

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