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Dr. Briana Jackson

Episode 39: Dr. Briana Jackson

Briana Jackson holds a PhD in Egyptian art and archaeology from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She has taught courses at New York University, City College New York, Manhattanville College, and (currently) Pratt Institute, Baruch College CUNY, and the University of Hartford on topics and surveys on ancient Egypt, Roman history, and art history, and has worked for the IFA-NYU/Princeton North Abydos Expedition on artifact processing, archiving, and surface collection. Her research interests are in Egyptian solar and lunar religion, the Amarna Period, international relations during the second millennium BCE, and archaeogaming. Her dissertation examined the spread of Atenism throughout Egypt and Sudan, how Aten temples across this space are connected, and what effect the cult had on society. Currently, she has been publishing articles based on her dissertation, and is also working on turning it into a book. Her archaeogaming interests focus on the representation of state development, urbanization, and power systems in games set in antiquity.

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