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Who We Are

The Ozymandias Project was co-founded by Alexandra "Lexie" Henning and Daniel Maday in August 2020 and incorporated in February 2021. The Ozymandias Project is run by a dedicated team that includes Lexie Henning (CEO & Podcast Host), Daniel Maday (CAO and Executive Producer), Hadley Leasman (Art Director and Social Media Director), Chelsea Bilek (COO and Content Strategist), and Abigail Turner (Voice Artist). 

Our Mission

The Ozymandias Project’s mission is to connect modern societies to ancient worlds by facilitating conversations about the ancient world through the lens of contemporary storytelling and to improve and expand accessibility to information about the ancient world and the people who are influenced by it.

What We Do

The Ozymandias Project consists of Ancient Office Hours, our bi-monthly podcast, Archaeogaming live events, and offers consulting and coaching services. 


On the Ancient Office Hours podcast, we speak with thought leaders from academia and the entertainment industry. Our co-founder and host, Lexie Henning, a Classicist with expertise in Ancient Greece, engages in thoughtful discussions with her guests focused on exploring the ancient world through the lens of contemporary storytelling and examines the practical applicability of a degree in ancient studies in modern society. 


Through our Archaeogaming events, that will be streamed live on Twitch, we introduce audiences to a game-based learning model and are currently designing custom Archaeogaming modules for classroom usage. 


We offer consulting services for creating and customizing lesson plans/curricula related to Classics and the ancient studies for students from middle school to collegiate levels and in public school settings to Ivy league settings. We can also provide subject matter expertise for media projects (movies, TV, video games, etc.), and coaching for students, instructors, and professionals interested in learning more about Classics and the other ancient disciplines.

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